What is the Supreme Collection?

What is the Supreme Collection?

I know you’ve been looking around the website and social media wondering “What in the world does Supreme mean?” No worries, that’s what I am here for!

The Supreme Collection is our highest quality wigs and toppers at the moment. All hair in this collection is ethically sourced European texture hair which is one of the most sought after versions of hair. This hair quality dries silky straight without any product needed. Hair origins within this collection vary and are listed in the description of the listing. 

I know your thinking “Okay, so what, what’s the big deal?” People love this collection because of the ease that the soft Lace top cap provides with its Glueless ability as well as its ponytail construction that allows wigs in this collection to be put into a ponytail! Not only that, but since Girlslovelace is a custom brand, this collection allows you to have whatever you’d like, from Silk top Wigs to Silicone Inserts to Lace Toppers to Silk toppers. Custom orders of this collection are one of our most sought after offerings!

I hope this answered your questions about the Supreme collection! If not, don’t worry, click the “Consultation” tab and let’s hop on a quick chat so that I can tell you more!

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